Principal's Message

Welcome to our QJS webpage. Our school is unique and getting stronger each year.​  We know that grade 8’s and 9’s require special TLC and given that we turn over half our student population each year, there are some very important things that we place high value on at our school.

Relationships - Our school must get to know our students and their families very quickly.  We have a very thorough process for our students to transition from grade 7 as it is very important that we “hit the ground running” in September.

Communication - Email, Facebook page, Newsletters, PAC meetings are all the important layers to our school communication.  We will work to communicate with you regarding school events and issues of concern regarding your child. Please consider communication a two-way street as we need you, parents and guardians, to keep us informed of any troubles your child is having throughout the year. When you have concerns please contact your child's teacher.

Academic and Social Emotional Success - Our school was envisioned as a place where students would feel connected to the school, be passionate about learning and would acquire the skills of work and good citizenship in a rich curricular environment.

Students do not “slip through the cracks” in our school. We know when students aren’t being successful and we intervene! I am proud to be the Principal at QJS and I believe it is a great place for students. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything that you read on our webpage or with anything concerning your children.