Bell Schedule

8:24: Warning Bell

8:29-9:32: Period 1

9:34-9:39: Travel Time

9:37-10:40: Period 2

10:34-10:48: Travel Time

10:45-11:47: Period 3

11:47-12:31: Lunch

12:35-1:39: Period 4

1:39-1:44: Travel Time

1:44-2:48: Period 5

2:48: Dismissal

Please note that during Assessment times & other special events, the bell schedule could be different than shown.

Closed Campus

QJS is a closed campus. The QJS educational community see this as a safety measure. A closed campus means that when students walk onto the school grounds in the morning or get dropped off by the bus on school grounds, they are to remain on campus until the end of the day, or until a family member signs them out at the office.

Violations of the off campus policy results in a phone call home and assigned to study hall. Repeated offences can result in more serious consequences.