About Us

QJS is a great team. It is a place where we highly value collaboration and team work which we know will benefit student learning and encourage positive social emotional development. These are important developmental years for students and we work together to creative a positive climate where students feel safe to learn and grow. Students are divided into PODs, smaller learning groups with associated teaching staff, to enhance opportunities to build closer supportive relationships. We work together with families and the larger school community to support our students.  

Mission Statement

Quesnel Junior School’s mission is to create a safe, respectful learning community by working collaboratively as a team and intervening when necessary to inspire all students to learn and grow intellectually , emotionally and physically.


QJS is a school where student learning is the focus.  We rely on best teaching practices and strong relationships between all members of the school community.  We work together to ensure success is accessible to all students with opportunities through academic interventions and enrichment.


At QJS, staff is committed to true collaboration among POD Teams and Departments. We  understand that time, resources, and open and honest communication in terms of educational shifts will allow us to transfer focus from the teacher to the learner.


At QJS, achieving our vision will require progress in:

  •  improved student engagement and motivation
  •  the reduction of failure rates through consistent and timely interventions, data collection throughout the school year.
  •  communication and collaboration with families to build appropriate and specific supports for students


Student needs and learning in literacy and numeracy drive our day to day discussions at QJS.  Systems such as PODs, School Based Team, Youth Care, Aboriginal Education Supports work together to monitor progress in these priority areas.