Awards & Recognition

Academic Expectations

Performance Standards are assigned to indicate a student’s performance in relation to the learning outcomes for the course, or subject and grade. Ministry criteria for reporting has changed from letter grades and percentages (included here) to Performance Standards.  As of September 2023, all K-9 reporting will be done using Performance Standards. It will no longer be allowed to report using letter grades or percentages for K-9 students. 

Proficiency Scale - Marking System for K-9 students

Extending - demonstrates skills and understanding beyond the level expected for the grade level
Proficient - independently and consistently demonstrates skills and understanding expected for the current grade level 
Developing - beginning to demonstrate (or demonstrates with support) skills and understanding for grade level
Emerging - not yet demonstrating skills or understandings 
IE - Insufficient Evidence of Learning, In Progress or Incomplete

W - Withdrawal
SG - Standing Granted (issued for special circumstances & granted by the Principal only
TS - Transfer Standing

Letter Grades - Previous Marking System - Obsolete for K-9 as of September 2023
A    86-100%
B    73-85%
C+    67-72%
C    60-66%
F    0-49%

Quesnel Junior School Awards of Excellence (new as of 2022)

Awards are presented in ceremonies and/or celebrations by each POD following each reporting term. 

Academic Excellence Roll – a student must demonstrate Proficient or Extending skills in all classes
Applied Skills and Fine Arts - a student must demonstrate Proficient of Extending skills and attitude  
Athletic Excellence Roll – a student must demonstrate Proficient or Extending skills and sportsmanship in Physical Education classes and on any School Sports Teams
Citizenship Excellence Roll - a student demonstrates kindness, caring, cooperative, respectful and responsible attitudes on a daily basis
Improvement Excellence Roll - a student demonstrates outstanding improvement in classes as recognized by POD team teachers
Work Habits Excellence Roll- We will be using Excellent (E), Good (G), Satisfactory (S), Needs Improvement (N), as per provincial guidelines. A student requires only E's and G's to get Work Habits Excellence Roll. 

Work Habits Roll Expectations - HOW TO GET ON THE WORK ETHIC ROLL

  • Complete class notes
  • Keep your locker and backpack neat
  • Use class time and study blocks effectively
  • Be in class on time every day. Unless you have an extended illness or a serious health problem, you should miss no more than five or six days of school a year.
  • Adapt to different teachers. You might have one teacher who counts you late if you’re not in your seat when the bell rings, and another teacher who considers you on time if you’ve got one foot inside the door.
  • Be prepared for class. To be prepared, you need to have books, paper, pencils, etc. with you when you go to class. You also need to have all of your homework done.
  • Always do your homework.
  • Participate positively in class. Participating in class makes it more interesting, and it helps keep your mind focused. Ask and answer questions, and get involved in class discussions.
  • Take responsibility for your grades. If you get a good grade on a test or paper, be proud of your accomplishment. If you receive a poor grade, figure out what you can do to get a better grade next time. Always do your own work. You’ll learn more.