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We hope this year will be both beneficial and enjoyable. You will find that we are dedicated to helping students achieve and experience success at QJS. We believe that it is the responsibility of staff, parents, as well as students, to establish a positive academic and social school climate. In promoting constructive citizenship and mutual respect, and in exercising self-discipline, we believe that each member of QJS will be able to work to their potential.

We are a trimester school, with all courses except electives running for the whole year.  PE, French 8(FSL) and Career Education 9 take place alternating days during the year (Day 1/2, every second Wednesday, and Day 3/4.
​Students attend up to 5 classes a day on a rotational basis.  

School Hours: 8:24 am -  2:48 pm
Office Hours:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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